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The catalyst was one of my clients telling me attending a monthly face-to-face peer group forum was “just too much trouble”. He saw the value of meeting with other senior executives to ‘bounce around’ ideas, share the problems he was facing, get ideas from those in different industries and have an experienced facilitator to guide discussions. But he was generally just “too busy’ to take time away from his business, his clients and his staff to get to the meetings. So what if the meetings could come to him?

Over a beer with my Sales Masterminds APAC colleague, Steve Hall, we decided to listen to what my client had to say (and as it turns out, some of his) and Executive Sales Forum International (ESFI) was born.

We believe Executive Sales Forum International is a world first. An international peer executive advisory forum where members can meet from the comfort of their home or office anywhere in the world. Members are senior executives who are already successful. They’re CEOs, VPs of Sales and Marketing, Founders, senior Account Directors and other senior executives with a need to understand the rapidly changing sales landscape in more detail or to take their own sales career to the next level.

ESFI groups are limited to 12 members split 50/50 between Australasia and the Americas (this is due to time zone limitations. Don’t worry Europe, we’re coming). Each group meets monthly via a Zoom videoconference for 3 – 4 hours to discuss common issues and work on challenges that affect members. In addition the group brainstorms specific problems raised by members. The meeting is chaired by Steve Hall & myself, to facilitate discussion and offer our own insights and coaching. Each member has Steve or myself as a personal mentor to work on individual goals and to supplement the work done in the group sessions. We’re also available ‘on-demand’ to discuss any urgent or important issues that arise between meetings.

Another great benefit of being a member of ESFI is having access to our brilliant line-up of world leading sales authorities. We’ve brought together an Expert Panel comprising some of the the sales-world’s best selling authors, most followed bloggers and leading authorities on sales, business and leadership. Every three months our group members be able to appreciate a presentation, workshop or webinar from one of our Expert Panel.

Members of each ESFI group communicate in a closed group with fellow group members and their mentor to exchange ideas, ask questions, get answers between meetings and to access exclusive collateral and materials.

We believe the real value of Executive Sales Forum International lies in the quality of membership. Those looking to become part of ESFI are carefully vetted to ensure each group contains a selection of different industries, that there is a good mix of countries represented, that there are no competitors in the same group and that each member has sufficient high level of expertise and experience to offer.

Sound interesting? Please get in touch so we can discuss whether ESFI is for you – wayne@waynemoloney.com or +61 409 908 204



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