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108 Social Selling Tips

I have long been opposed to the term ‘social selling’ so it is ironic I appear in my SMA colleague, Mark McInnes‘, brilliant collection of ‘social selling’ tips.

My opposition to the term is based on the concern I have that many see ‘social’ as the silver bullet to winning more business. It is not. It is another tool that every salesperson should be using to help them in achieving their sales objective. And that objective should be to deliver value to your client while delivering value to yourself and your company.

‘Social’, in its many forms helps you understand the domain in which you work. It helps you track activities of prospects, clients and competitors. It helps you share valuable information with your ideal clients and it helps you build a credible profile. You still need to ‘sell’.

Take time to absorb the 108 tips from these 42 pragmatic sales and marketing professionals in this wonderful collation of thoughts and you’ll win more business. Download here.

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