I help my clients grow revenue and profits and implement sustainable sales processes. This starts with developing a clear strategy for your key aspects of personal and business development.


Developing a clear strategy is the first step to success. Where are you going to play? How are you going to win?  I work with my clients to develop and implement sound strategies for success. Whether for a business, a sales territory, or individual salespeople, you cannot achieve the success you deserve without a sound strategy.

Using a tried and tested approach to developing and then implementing a solid and practical strategy, together we clearly define and articulate define your goals and objectives, the strategic initiatives you will adopt and the specific actions needed to ensure your success.


Well trained salespeople sell more. But trained in what – and how effectively? It’s important to make sure salespeople and sales leaders learn those things that will make the biggest impact and that are simplest to use. My sales training is tailored to the specific needs of the businesses I work with, based on the following core programs:

  • B2B Sales Foundations – whether new to sales or an old hand, this course will help you set up for success by mastering the basics of B2b sales, or provide you with a great ‘refresher’.
  • Authentic Selling – adopt a winning sales process supported by proven selling principles and values.
  • Applying Lean to How You Sell – applied to any sales process or methodology, Lean Selling will help you close more business with less effort and create greater customer experiences.
  • Effective Sales Management – designed to help both those new to sales management and those more experienced develop or refresh the skills needed to effectively lead their sales team and achieve better business outcomes.


Leaders in every field – sport, acting, music, politics, business – remain leaders because they understand how specialised coaches can help them stay on top of their game. Sales and sales management is no different

As an experienced sales professional and coach, I work with you on a confidential one-on-one basis to help your professional development by guiding, counselling and supporting you in the areas we determine should be addressed. I support you, encourage you, challenge you and spur you to new heights. Every month we’ll work together to review the challenges you are facing and the reality of the challenges. I’ll check your progress, answer questions, identify new actions and help identify your key priorities and the goals, challenges, and behaviours you want to focus on.


Often businesses and sales leaders are unsure of exactly where they need to make improvements. They just know improvement needs to be made.

I work with you, and in your business, to review and understand your current business, sales practices and processes and benchmark you against ‘best practices’. I then provide you with a roadmap to success and help you implement the plan.

Outsourced Sales Management

CEOs and business owners are not the best people to run sales teams. Now, this is a harsh reality for many who have worked hard to build a successful business and a reality that often is difficult to accept.  But it does remain a reality. Putting together a sales team, adopting sales processes, identifying and deploying appropriate sales tools is a specialist area and one that takes time and effort. Outsourcing your sales management to an expert allows business owners and CEOs to focus on running the business while sales, the lifeblood of the business, is being managed effectively.
Put simply, I provide the support you need to achieve the sales you want. Click here for details.

Sales Meeting ‘Team Development’ Presentations

Make your sales meetings something that your salespeople will look forward to, not something they drag their feet to wondering why they’re ‘wasting’ good selling time. Use the time together as an opportunity to help people improve their selling skills. I provide a select range of sales meeting ‘keynote presentations’ that will help in the continual development of salespeople regardless of their individual skillset.
Click here for details of my sales meeting Team Development presentations and workshops, or get in touch to discuss how I can provide a bespoke team development presentation for your team.