What My Clients Say

Now while I can beat my own drum and do a pretty good job of it, I know you’ll get more confidence from what my clients say.

The thing I like about Wayne is that he doesn't teach the latest sales theory, he teaches real people how to sell to real customers. It may not be trendy but it works. If you want to sell more and make more money you couldn't find anyone better.

Steve Hall, MD, Executive Sales Coaching Australia

Together with Wayne's insights from his own corporate career in business and sales management, his training has taken my negotiation and relationship management skills to another level. I recommend Wayne for key account and sales management training.

Matthew de Ville – Sales Manager, Horticulture Industry

Wayne conducted an intensive strategic business planning session which provided us with a clear picture of where we need to go, how to get there and the risks we would need to address. As a result, we have achieved a focussed sales effort that delivered results in a very short period of time.

Phillip Callender – President at Tooltwist

Wayne is, without doubt, one of the best sales coaches and mentors in ANZ region. He works with you to understand which areas you should grow and how to achieve that growth as well and most importantly, he monitors and measures your advancements.  I urge you to call him now if you want to become a better version of yourself.

Houman Asefi – ANZ Channel Sales Manager, IT Industry

Wayne is an experienced and insightful business strategy adviser, particularity from the customer/client/market perspective. He is also a fine one on one mentor and has materially improved the skills of technical staff for client relationships.

Matthew White – General Manager at J. Wyndham Prince

Wayne is a skilled salesperson who willingly shares his knowledge and expertise to reveal the keys to being a professional partner in the business process for mutually beneficial outcomes vs being a "pushy salesperson". I loved his relationship approach and insights on creating and building those relationships and am now utilising these insights for the continued growth of my business. Thanks Wayne!

Dr Catherine Rickwood – Business strategist, Consulting industry

Wayne has a deep understanding of the challenges in B2B business development and sales. He understands the tried and true principles, and more importantly, how to apply and adapt these to the ever-changing business landscape. I always appreciate a discussion with Wayne, it's honest, frank and constructive - refreshing!

Vance Reavie – CEO, IT Industry

Wayne was fantastic in assisting to develop and train my sales team. With Wayne's deep insights, together we worked on tailor-made solutions and strategies, which were delivered in a way that was simple and easy to execute. Wayne's style is personable and approachable. I enjoyed and valued our time working together.

Brad Byrnes – Head of Sales and Procurement, Horticulture Industry

Wayne has advised our business, and me personally, on a range of strategic and business development areas over a number of years and I have always found his advice to be based on solid experience, well-considered and tailored to our real needs. He tells it like it is, so that can be confronting at times but he handles this with great skill and diplomacy, and trust me you need to hear it.

Peter Mehl, Director – Corporate Services at J. Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd

Wayne has been able to support us through a key phase of our business growth. We have benefited from his experience and knowledge during our time together. He has always brought clarity to our strategy and tough decisions

Raymond Kantor – General Manager at Shearwater Solutions

When I think of sales management and the complex dynamics around managing salespeople I immediately think of Wayne. Whenever I need, grounded, real-world reminders of sales effectiveness I think of Wayne. There are few so-called thoughts leaders and trusted advisers I call upon or even trust. Wayne is one of those few people.

Sean Patrick – CEO, SPT Ltd. Sales Enablement and New Business Development Consultant (United Kingdom)

Wayne is a consummate senior sales executive; a professional who understands enterprise-level management expectations and delivers.

Grant Shatford – COO, ICT Industry

Wayne is the complete Sales and Marketing specialist. What he does not know about these areas is not worth knowing. Also Wayne's experience in General Management allows him to provide great insight to other areas of business management.

Dave Boulter – Director at TechRemedy

Wayne is a strategist and visionary. He gets to know his clients and their business, their industry and their operating environment and provides practical support and guidance. Wayne’s advice is built on years of experience so I find it inspiring and extremely value-adding.

Gabrielle Bongiorno – Executive Manager, Consulting Industry

Wayne is an innovator and forward-thinking professional. He understands the new business landscape and has helped me in a number of ways. He is a 'Thought Leader' and 'Influencer' and would recommend everyone to connect with him. His ability to understand your challenges by being a great listener is by far his best quality.

Sean P. McCauley – ennVee TechnoGroup,  USA

Wayne has a professional and practical approach to assisting his clients in growing their business.

Tony Dyer – Industry Development Manager at University of Wollongong

In previous roles in the printing industry, Wayne worked with me for 5 years providing strategic planning & implementation initiatives which benefited my organisation immensely. Our growth in a challenging market was positively influenced by Wayne.

Brett Johnson – Sales Director, Printing Industry


While sales is changing at a rate never seen in the past, mastering the basics of selling remains essential. My new book, ‘Your Roadmap to Achieving Sales Success’ is a no-nonsense, practical handbook that will provide those new to B2B sales with the skills needed to be successful; and is a great refresher for those who might have been around a little longer.