A Novel Approach for B2B Sales

I recently had the privilege of joining Pat Helmers on his Sales Babble podcast. It was a lot of fun discussing my book, The Wentworth Prospect.

Here’s how Pat introduced the interview –  “What’s the best way to teach the drama, politics, and egos that challenge B2B sales? How about some fiction?  In this episode Wayne Moloney shares a novel approach for teaching B2B sales. He does this by coauthoring an actual novel, titled the Wentworth Prospect, a Novel Guide to B2B Sales.   In this drama, the book shares a tale of a very believable B2B enterprise sales challenge that is buffeted by fear, petty behavior and courage. Wayne and I talk about the characters and the book’s sales framework called  EDVANCE.”

Bad Politics for Both Buyers and B2B Sellers

The story focuses on the career of Sue Novak, a new sales consultant who is thrust into a challenging deal.   Her struggle is filled with adversaries, corporate intrigue, power-plays and hidden agendas.

Sue is over her head yet she has an edge: a mysterious journal written by her dead mentor Doug. The journal reveals a radical new sales framework named EDVANCE. Sue uses the framework to navigate the Wentworth organization and facilitates the prospect to reveal to themselves the true issues in the organization, as well as a prospective solution.

EDVANCE B2B Sales Framework

The book speaks at length about the EDVANCE B2B sales framework. It emphasizes the need for understanding stakeholder archetypes, mapping the stakeholders, identifying their motivations and understanding their levels of influence. It believes in the necessity of buyer consensus by getting the sellers involved early in the buyer’s journey. It speaks of how sellers need to build a personal brand and use that capital to help customers pick solutions they need vs those they want. The end goal is to help buyers “sell themselves” on the seller’s solutions.

You can listen to the full podcast here, and click here to get a copy of The Wentworth Prospect.


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