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Attitude, Motivation and Creativity – 3 Of The Keys To Success

Employers and employees who thrive exhibit many similar personal qualities but also remarkable distinctions. For instance, the two require a positive attitude, however, the attitude of the employer is likely to be determined by some key aspects of their personality.

A business owner who lacks the proper attitude will never be successful in business. Success in business calls for you to continuously be on the lookout for opportunities, chase your goals relentlessly, be persistent and above all have a demeanour that allows you to withstand pressure.

Attitude, motivation and creativity

The catch, however, is that you cannot possess the qualities we have outlined above if you lack motivation. Now, the question begs, where will you get the motivation? Motivation will come from doing something that you love; something that you feel strongly about.

You must therefore consistently evaluate yourself. Do you still enjoy doing what you do? Are you still having fun with your business or has it become a place where you merely spend your day? If your business is no longer a delight, you must look to other sources for motivation.

Further, your desire to succeed must be fuelled by a positive attitude. This is because people who are ambitious and bold still encounter a lot of setbacks. Any thriving business owner will tell you that they probably succeeded in their second or third attempt.

A positive attitude for you as a business owner means that you will have the capability to rise when you fall, sometimes more than once. A positive attitude will also unlock your thinking ability and consequently, your creativity

You must have the uncanny ability to thoroughly understand all the dimensions of a situation consider all the options and formulate the best solution. You cannot wish a business problem away. You must always face challenges head on.

Inherent vs. acquired attributes

Many entrepreneurs have inherent characteristics that contribute to their success, but they have to learn and develop some other skills out of necessity. For instance, you may be ambitious and creative but be lacking in people management skills. Since you cannot succeed if you are not on the same page with your employees, you must acquire the skills necessary to carry them along.

Do not shy away from admitting to yourself that you are deficient in a particular area. If you look around, you will access many courses and books that will help you to address your shortcomings.

While many entrepreneurs have the ability to cope with the demands and challenges of business, nobody is self-sufficient. One may still require help in other areas of their lives, which if not addressed will affect the business. For instance, you may need support in your diet and exercise for optimal functioning of your body.

To be successful, an entrepreneur must be organised, which is often not the case with many creative individuals. Also, a good communicator is likely to succeed in business. The good thing is that many business owners do not struggle with communication especially if they are doing business that they are passionate about.
Does it, then, mean that all entrepreneurs are naturally born with the gift of high-level communication skills? The answer is no. Some entrepreneurs need to do better, especially those who are in the technical fields.

Your attitude and ambition may be in-born, but there are skills that you will have to acquire to boost your chances of success in business.

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