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“Nothing happens until somebody sells something”

If you’re in business, you need to know how to sell yourself and your business. 

The world of sales is changing rapidly . Buyers are more informed than ever. New technology and tools appear daily.

But some things never change. Human nature for a start.

The world of sales may be rapidly changing and buyers are more informed than ever. So too is the role of the salesperson changing and the tools available to assist in making sales are greater than ever. But there are no ‘silver bullets’ and unless you build on a solid foundation, salespeople will fail to reach their true potential.

Whether you are selling “widgets”, the latest technology on the market to multinationals or new business concepts to your management team, you need to know and understand how to apply the basics of selling.

In a highly-charged full day we’ll cover all the core elements of b2B selling –  prospecting, qualifying, the proposal phase, confirming the sales and managing the long-term relationship – all for a more effective result.

What you will learn, in a full day with me:

  • How to develop a positive attitude towards selling and become a sales consultant
  • How to define and connect with your ideal customers
  • How to create demand for your product or services by selling the value your customers need
  • Understand B2B buyer behaviour
  • How to fill your sales pipeline
  • How to take price out of the buying equation
  • How to manage objections and reduce resistance
  • How to upsell and cross-sell
  • How to ask for the order and close the sale
  • How to develop and apply a sales cycle relevant to your customers
  • How to develop and maintain relationship-based sales so your customers remain ‘sticky’
  • How to put plans and action steps in place to accomplish your sales
    objective and success – from annual planning to call planning

This program is highly interactive and practice-oriented. Participants will learn to develop their own sales strategies and gain a new understanding of how their thoughts and feelings influence sales situations.

Who will benefit from this Masterclass?

  • Anyone new to B2B sales in a frontline capacity 
  • Experienced B2B salespeople looking to refresh their skills
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs – anyone who is selling a product or service where a sales conversation is required

Each participant will receive:

  • Detailed workbooks
  • Access to my sales and marketing eBooks and other online sales resources
  • A copy of my book, ‘Your Roadmap to Achieving Sales Success’
  • Discounted access to my B2B Sales Masters group mentoring program
  • Morning / afternoon tea, lunch & refreshments

What do people say about working with me?

The thing I like about Wayne is that he doesn't teach the latest sales theory, he teaches real people how to sell to real customers. It may not be trendy but it works. If you want to sell more and make more money you couldn't find anyone better.

Steve Hall, MD, Executive Sales Coaching Australia

Wayne’s training has taken my negotiation and relationship management skills to another level. I recommend Wayne for key account and sales management training.

Matt de Ville, Sales Manager, Horticulture industry

Wayne is, without doubt, one of the best sales coaches and mentors in ANZ region.

Houman Asafi, ANZ Channel Sales Manager, IT industry

I loved Wayne’s relationship approach and insights on creating and building those relationships and am now utilising these insights for the continued growth of my business

Dr Catherine Rickwood, Business strategist, Consulting industry

Wayne has a deep understanding of the challenges in B2B business development and sales. He understands the tried and true principles, and more importantly, how to apply and adapt these to the ever-changing business landscape

Vance Reavie, CEO, IT industry

Wayne is a consummate senior sales executive; a professional who understands enterprise-level management expectations and delivers.

Grant Shatford, COO, ICT industry

I highly recommend Wayne Moloney for his experience and his no nonsense approach to business

Chris Coleman, Business Owner, Mechanical Services

Wayne’s advice is built on years of experience so I find it inspiring and extremely value-adding

Gabrielle Bongiorno, Executive Manager, Consulting industry

Our growth in a challenging market was positively influenced by Wayne. He is disciplined, methodical & experienced

Brett Johnson, Sales Director, Printing industry


  • $500* (GST inc) per person or
  • $425* (GST inc) per person for two or more people from the same business

Your investment:

  • $550* (GST inc) per person or
  • $475* (GST inc) per person for two or more people from the same business


Thursday 7th May
Penrith RSL
8 Tindale Street, Penrith

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Thursday 7th May
Penrith RSL
8 Tindale Street, Penrith