The Future Of Selling Is In The Past

The heading from this post is ‘stolen’ from my friend Ian Meharg. I think it captures the essence of this discussion I had with Josh Elledge on his #TheThoughtfulEntrepreneur podcast where we explored some of the forgotten basics of successful B2B sales.

The basics haven’t changed. The technology and tactics have changed, but a strong foundation starts with the same basics that have been proven ever since B2B salespeople understood success came from not ‘slam closing’ deals, but working with business owners and decision-makers to deliver positive outcomes for their business.

And we looked at why my latest book, The Wentworth Prospect, was written as a novel. Co-authored with my friends John Smibert and Jeff Clulow we used #storytelling, one of the oldest sales skills, to deliver a message on how to successfully win large, complex opportunities. You can get a copy of The Wentworth Prospect in print, audio and ebook here.
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