Next 100 Days Podcast

The Real Issues Blocking Your Revenue Stream

With less than 1% of sales teams exceeding 80% of revenue targets, something needs to change. It’s not just one thing and there is no silver bullet process or piece of technology that will deliver the solution.

In this podcast, I discuss with Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby some of the issues that businesses need to address to improve their sales performance.

From the underrepresentation of #womeninsales and why businesses should look at correcting this imbalance, why I believe #salesmanagement is the weak link in the revenue stream, the importance of #salesplanning and why it is so often overlooked, and how salespeople can improve prospect/client engagement through #storytelling.

And of course, how in my latest book, #TheWentworthProspect, my co-authors Jeff Clulow, John Smibert and I help salespeople sales managers/leaders and business owners better understand how to address these issues to grow sustainable #B2B revenue.

Click here to listen to the full podcast

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