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10 Things a One-Eyed Motorcyclist Taught Me About Selling

He had been riding motorbikes since he was 14. That made it 41 years of experience. Outside of family and work it was his big passion. On the road or on the track it was something he did for the adrenaline rush, to relieve stress, enjoy the camaraderie of good mates and to just embrace [...]

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How to Become a Super Effective Leader – Podcast

Leadership skills are all learnable. If you can ride a bike you can learn how to be a super effective leader and have your teams motivated and smashing sales targets. Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.” The role of the sales leader in any business [...]

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Getting Found On Your Buyer’s Journey

Today, your prospective customer may be as much as 70% into the sales cycle before they with engage you, or your competitors. How you engage with them during this time is critical Now the role of marketing is just as much about helping your prospective clients find you as it is about you finding your prospective clients. [...]

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Do You Have A Successful Sales Personality?

Do you work with your prospects to understand their real needs and deliver them something that will address these needs - a solutions, not a product? Delivering solutions will not only help you gain the initial sale, but go a long way to developing a long term relationship that will improve the lifetime value of [...]

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Challenging the 4P’s of Marketing

The 4Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion – appear in every marketing textbook, and have even been expanded to 7Ps by some marketers to include People, Process and Physical Evidence. However, the relevance and application of the 4Ps are now being questioned. Respected business publications, like the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey’s Quarterly, are [...]

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Redefining the A-B-C of Selling

In the 1992 film, Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin put the ‘A-B-C of Selling’ into folklore; ‘Always Be Closing’. In the movie, Blake (played by Baldwin), an aggressive ‘son of a bitch’ trouble-shooter from head-office is sent to an under-performing real estate office to motivate the sales team. His motivational approach was based on ‘fail [...]

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More Sales, More Profit, Less Resource!!

Lean has long been associated with manufacturing and credited to Toyota. However, I challenge both premises and am a believer that Toyota’s role in post-war Japan was to ‘commercialise’ a concept that was probably started by Henry Ford. Further, while it no doubt started as a manufacturing ‘tool’, Lean has since evolved into a set [...]

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Was I A Premature Challenger?

In today’s B2B sales environment, more informed, connected buyers are driving a very worthwhile change to a more professional and principled, smart and mutually valuable way of engaging in the buying and selling process.  Through this we are seeing a continual evolution of sales methodologies that focus on what the customer sees as value. But [...]

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I Love Being Sold To…When Selling’s Done Well

This is an unusual post from me as it relates specifically to a personal B2C experience, but one so good I had to share...and as you’ll see, when done well, delivering customer value is immune to B2B and B2C boundaries. The story starts in December last year when, being the well organised guy that I am, [...]

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