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What Salespeople Can Teach Politicians!

For many, including myself, the results of recent high-profile elections and referendums has come as a shock. Results of the BREXIT vote, the US election and the uncertainty surrounding upcoming elections in Europe all indicate rising support for anti-establishment politics. If these were the results of sales teams I was managing, I’d most likely be [...]

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How To Alienate Clients And Lose Business!

Communicate [verb]...from the Latin ‘communicat’ meaning ‘to share’ Communication [noun]...The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings (Oxford Dictionary) In today’s world, communication is more critical than ever. It is also simpler to communicate and in our ‘wired’ instantaneous world, people do not expect [...]

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Want To Grow Your Business? Then, Be Prepared For Change….

Like everything else, businesses can’t grow without changing. Right? The nature of growth is change. You can’t want your business to grow while holding onto everything staying the same. When you have a clear intention to grow your business, you have the opportunity to carefully plan the necessary changes, implement it in a controlled way [...]

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Attitude, Motivation and Creativity – 3 Of The Keys To Success

Employers and employees who thrive exhibit many similar personal qualities but also remarkable distinctions. For instance, the two require a positive attitude, however, the attitude of the employer is likely to be determined by some key aspects of their personality. A business owner who lacks the proper attitude will never be successful in business. Success [...]

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10 Ways To Become An Effective Listener

Failure to truly listen to one another is probably the most common roadblock in communications; and it happens to also be one of the most typical complaints that staff level at management. Too often, when we get ‘the wrong end of the stick’ it’s all about our failure to listen properly. If you find yourself [...]

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Selling Services: Relationships Matter The Most

Lacking a physical product, most service businesses fall into the pitfall of talking out themselves in their business messages and forgetting it’s the benefits delivered that interest clients. You might be ‘the best’, ‘the biggest’ or ‘been in business for 50 years’, and while this message may appropriately describe your commitment, intentions and background, your [...]

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Play To Your Strengths

First things first, there is no perfect human being. All people are a blend of strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in every human is also an innate desire to reach perfection. We are therefore too conscious of our shortcomings. This significantly hinders us from tapping into our strengths, and we consequently sabotage our efforts. Preoccupation with [...]

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Become a Better Negotiator

Regardless on the type of business you are involved with, negotiation is something we are engaged in on a day-to-day basis.  We negotiate with customers, staff, suppliers, partners, family and friends. So if negotiation is such an important part of our lives, how do we do it better?  All too often negotiation is seen as [...]

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Are The 4P’s Still Relevant?

The 4Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion – appear in every marketing textbook, and have even been expanded to 7Ps by some marketers to include People, Process and Physical Evidence. However, the relevance and application of the 4Ps are now being questioned. Respected business publications, like the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey’s Quarterly, are [...]

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